Back in the Saddle!

It was a great weekend of cycling!  We also had one of the larger Breakfast Bike Beer Rides that we’ve ever had.   Jeff, Megan, Brandon, Craig, Timber, Bryn, John, James, Tara, Robert, and I all made it!  Man.. that’s a lot  of names… It was a fun group, and we had  great ride.  I’m glad you all came out and joined us.  It was a great way for me to get back out on my bike after 3 weeks of not riding.  Here’s what we road!

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned

We missed those of you that couldn’t join us.  Hope you can make it next time.

Pro Tip!  When changing a flat tube with Presta valves, be sure to tighten down the Presta Valve core on the new tube before attaching your CO2 pump.   I keep a pair of pliers in my bag just for this reason.  If you don’t, when you unscrew your pump, it’ll unscrew your valve core as well and you’ll lose all that wonderful air pressure you just put in your new tube.


This Saturday evening was also the KC Night ride, starting at Velo Garage.  What a cool event!  The ask was for everyone to light up their bikes somehow.  Pretty cools to see all the lights and all the cool ways to put lights on a bike.  Tara’s, of coarse, was decked out in all pink lights, and Robert and I both installed these sweet lights that can create images in the wheel as they spin.  I look forward to breaking those out again on another evening ride.  Maybe the next Critical Mass, Maybe Ragbrai?  Who knows?  Pics Below as Always!

The ride also took a swing by the World War One monument, which gave me a chance to take a small detour and visit the site of my accident back in May.  I now can see how it could have happened.  Still don’t remember it though.  Pic below!

As for upcoming rides, this upcoming Saturday is the Ride to Boulivardia.  It’s a 35 mile ride that’ll start and end in the west bottoms at Boulivardia.  You get free entry into Boulivardia with your bike ride registration, and a couple free beers, so what are you waiting for?  I won’t be able to be there as I’m out of town this weekend, but I do believe quite a few others are.  There’s still time to sign up!

Details about this and all other rides can be found here!

Now for the pics!

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