Damn Dirty Cyclist!

This past weekend was a pretty big cycling event, the Drity Kanza 200, and our very own Scott, Timber!, Timme made a go at the full 200 mile ride.  Unfortunately he met with some harsh mechanical problems including four flat tires, a broken valve stem, and a malfunctioning front derailleur right off the bat  (within the first segment).  This put him well off the pace and he sadly timed out at the Last Checkpoint.  162 miles and they pulled him off the coarse because he missed getting to the last checkpoint on time to be able to continue by 2 MINUTES!   An absolute heart breaker.   Well, it’s just more fuel for the fire to keep training and make a go at it again next year.  Now its time to focus on RAGBRAI!

For those of us Riding, I’ve added some details to the RAGBRAI page.  I’ll continue to update this as I learn more.

Now for our upcoming Rides!  Details for all of which can be found HERE

Our Next BBBR Ride is This upcoming Saturday!  Oh No!  They told me Wrong!   I was origionally informed that Browne’s Irish Breakfast was going to be this weekend, and we were making plans to start there.  Turns out it was last weekend..   So be sure to check the details on this as I’m altering it.   We’ll go back to our standard.  Starting at McClain’s and ending at Bier Station, and  I’M GOING TO RIDE!   My PCP said wait 2 to 3 weeks to ride, well 2 weeks will be that following Monday, I can’t see how 2 days earlier is going to make that much of a difference!  Plus it’ll have been almost 3 weeks since my wreck.

Also,  consider joining for the Velo Garage Ride on Thursday Nights.  Ride starts at 6:30 from Velo Garage, is a “leave no one behind” ride, and ends with good friends and beers back at Velo.   Even if I’m not riding (yet) I still plan to be there.

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