A Chili October Ride

This past weekend was the October Breakfast, Bike, Beer Ride.   Derek Rowland, Megan, Jeff, and I all met up at McClain’s for a nice breakfast and a good discussion about Megan and Jeff’s upcoming wedding.  After breakfast, Derek and I took off for a nice 18 mile ride through Swope Park, up the new Connector Trail to to Plaza, and then back through the South Plaza Area and into Mission Hills before returning to Bier Station for Drinks.   Brandon G. tried to meet up with us, but he failed to tell me he was coming, and he failed to actually stop by the meeting location to see if we were there.  So we missed each other.  Lesson Learned!  Send Jared notice if you’re planning to join for a ride.   Then he’ll make sure the group doesn’t leave until you get there.

Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking about all the rain we got the week before when I was planning the route.   Both the Swope Park connector trail and the Brush Creek trails had been washed out in a couple places.  In some places, the layer of scum and mud was pretty thin and you didn’t notice it until your rear wheel started sliding all over the place.  We had to walk it a little bit to get through the muck, and luckily no-one fell or got hurt.  Once we got clear of the muck it was an a good ride.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned

Upcoming Rides

Pre-Chiefs Sunday BBB Ride – Sunday Oct 21st

Don’t forget that Sunday we will getting out for a ride in the morning, and then Brandon Gillette is hosting us for the chiefs game afterwards.  We need to exercise out our frustrations with the Chiefs D before the game.  It’ll also be a good chance to sweat out the remaining alcohol from the rest of the weekend.  Follow the link above for details.  Please let me know if you’re planning on Riding so that Brandon has a good headcount.  Comment, Text Me, I don’t care.  JUST LET ME KNOW!

Critical Mass – Friday Oct 26th.

Next week Friday will be the Critical Mass Ride.   Always a good time to get out on a Friday evening, show off your bike lights and joke around with the rest of the Kansas City Cycling community.  Hope you can make it.  Let me know!


This week is Megan and Jeff’s Wedding.   Probably the reason that many of us are going to need Sunday’s ride to sweat out the Alcohol.   A Big Congrats to you both!  Cheers!


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  1. For the record, I did let Jared know I was headed that way. I sent a voice text (does anyone but me do this??) indicating I was headed toward the bakery. I made mentioned that I would be close to 9am, but not to wait on me. Just clarifying!

    1. Allow me to clariy then. Please send me notification you are coming sooner than the last 15 minutes prior to our meeting time, when I’m probably rushing to get Mouse walked and fed, the bike checked over and setup, and the proper gear together for the day’s ride.

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