Second Sunday Ride with Velo Garage

In addition to their weekly Thirsty Thursday ride, Velo Garage+Tap House has started a Sunday ride on the second Sunday morning of each month. Last Sunday (8/12), Jeff and I diligently set alarms and programmed the coffee maker so we could be out the door and on our bikes by 8ish. Turns out, neither of us has any idea how long it actually takes to bike to Velo Garage from the house, so we arrived with plenty of time to spare before the ride headed out shortly after 9. I’m still missing that extra half hour of sleep.

There were a few familiar faces in the group, but sadly no fellow bad decision makers. I was extra disappointed because a person whose name rhymes with shimmy may have expressed interest in this particular ride. ANYWAY.

I don’t remember the exact route, but I bet you can find it one someone else’s Strava! We avoided Cherry, which is apparently under construction, and looped around Argosy toward KCK. Our destination was the Quindaro Bluffs, where we learned about the history of the area from a fellow rider, Mitchell. Included in this post is the only photo I took on the ride. Apologies in advance for the lack of photos that include people or bikes in my ride reports.

The ride back to Velo was mostly uneventful except for a weird KCKPD encounter (no bueno) and a scruffy stray dog running alongside some of the group. At one point we were trapped between two trains. It was humid and sunny and Kaw Point smelled like fish left sitting in a hot car. The Coors Original that greeted me back at Velo has never tasted so good.

We rode about 30 miles (appr. 20 with the group and 10ish to/from the house). I expect to see all of you for the next one!

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