Making 40 look good!

We’re starting to get back into it now.  Sometimes after a week of doing nothing but riding, it can be hard to get back into the rhythm of not riding 65+ miles a day, but it’s slowly starting.

This last week, Tara, Lynne, and I (James swears he was there too, but there’s no proof) met up on my 40th Birthday, Thursday night, to ride in the Velo Garage Thursday Night ride.  The ride took us through KCK and down to Stockyard Brewery where BikeWalkKC was having an event.  Part of the proceeds from the beer sales at Stockyards went toward BikeWalkKC’s upcoming Women’s Bike Summit (Sept 15)  Ladies, check it out.  Could be a fun event.  The rest of us menfolk will have to figure out a way to ride and have fun without you.

We finished off the Velo Ride with a stop at Caddyshack for shots, and then back to the Velo Garage for a couple rounds of Beer.  I had a really good time, I think everyone else did too, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate by 40th Birthday.  Thanks you guys!

Here’s the route we took

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned

Saturday, Jeff, Megan, and Brandon also got out for the BBBR ride, starting off around McLain’s and finishing at Jeff’s (Bier Station West) for a few brews.  Good on them for stepping up and ensuring the BBBR rides continued whilst I was busy with a family weekend.

Upcoming Rides

First, The Summer Breeze Tour is scheduled for Sunday August 26th.  There are several distance options.  Who is game for what distances?  Let me know and we can try to get organized around it.

Next, The BBBR Gran Brewdo is scheduled for September 8th.  Its the inaugural event for our Team.   This will take the place of our regularly monthly scheduled BBBR.  Plan on 30-40 miles of riding to several KC Breweries, Beer Specialty Bars, and biking fun spots.   I started the work of planning the route last night.  I also added an RSVP option to the Event on the Page.  This is so I can get an Idea of how many people are going to be riding, and how much food to prepare for our BBQ at the end of the day.

I also would love to see more people at the Velo Garage and Tap House Thursday Night bike rides.  They ride start at 6:30, goes 10-15 miles,  There are a lot of great people there that love cycling and the cycling culture.  Plus they usually have some good beer there too.

The Tour De BBQ is also coming up at the end of September.  Megan posted a comment on the event about riding for Children’s Mercy (and perhaps a special code to use when registering).  Please go check it out and register for this great ride.  You’ll get good BBQ and have fun.

Finally, a conflict.  Derek Nelson has brought to my attention an incredible riding opportunity that just happens to overlap with the Tour De BBQ:  The Bourbon Country Burn.   It’s three days of riding around Kentucky to different distilleries drinking Bourbon.  Unlike Ragbrai, for this one you camp in a central location each night, and then branch out on various loops to go hit different distilleries each day.  At the end of the day, there are more tastings back at the base camp, and music.   My other vacation plans for the year got canceled, so I’m torn here.   I could get the time off and make a go at this.   I may even do it in style with an RV.   If your interested, let me know.

And now.. Pics

Aug 11th 2018 – BBBR Ride
Velo Garage Thursday Ride -Aug 9 2018. James wasn’t there.




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