Warm Summer Breeze and Gran Brewdo Update!

This past weekend, Lynne, Jeff W, and I braved the heat and road in Cycling Kansas City’s Summer Breeze Ride.  Apparently I can’t read a Calendar anymore, because I decided to wake up early on Saturday, get ready and drive out to to start.  Luckily Lynne was nice enough, and awake enough, to respond to my “On My Way” text and fill me in on the fact that the ride wasn’t until Sunday.  Several choice words were uttered by me, of course.

So Sunday we finally did ride the 50 mile option of the Summer Breeze.  To summarize, It was hot,  there was indeed a breeze, and pretty much the month off that I’d taken since Ragbrai, had an effect.  At least for me.  I had a brutal time of it.  Props to Jeff and Lynne though, they crushed it.  This was Lynne’s longest ride of the season, and I’m guessing that if they’d have wanted too, Lynne and Jeff could have left me behind.   Here’s our route, and pic below as Usual

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned

Upcoming Rides

The GRAN BREWDO is upon us!

For September, instead of doing our regular BBBR, we’re going to ride a longer ride that’s going to take us through KC and to Several Breweries and other stops along the way.  Then, later that evening, we can all meet up at my house for a Team BBQ Dinner.  Details can be found here!  I even have the route mapped out and all of our stops planned now.

I ask that you PLEASE REGISTER for the event so that I can plan for the ride and the dinner afterwards.  It’s free, it’s a few simple clicks, and I would greatly appreciate it.

This and other Rides can always be viewed here:

I’m also planning on attending the Thursday Night Ride and Velo Garage and Tap House (6:30 pm start time) and I do believe this Friday is a Critical Mass Friday.  Speak up if there is any interest!

See you soon!  Hopefully while on our bikes!

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