It’s Heating Up Out there

It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks.   That, coupled with the fact that it’s also been excessively hot out, has made cycling a bit more difficult.  However, It does look like Mr. James Currans got out for some good miles this weekend.  He got over 53 miles in and almost 3000 ft of climbing in yesterday.  Nicely Done!  Timber and Bryn have been pretty active, and Mr. Craig Miller also got out for a nice 10 mile ride in the heat last week.  Well done!  Me, I’ve been slacking a bit lately.   Guess it’s time for me to kick it up a notch before Ragbrai.  I’m sure I’ll be fine.  What pictures I could find have been uploaded below.


I got the shipping tracking number today.   They’ll definitely be here in time for Ragbrai, and probably even before our next BBB Ride!  I’m looking forward to seeing us ride as a group with our own Jerseys.  We’ll get respect.  People will know…

The down side of this is that only 2 people have paid me so far for their Jerseys.  I fronted a lot of money for these, so the sooner you can pay me the better.  I’d appreciate it as I’ve got medical bills coming in now from the crash 🙁

Upcoming Rides!

Saturday July 14th is our next scheduled BBBR.   This will be a RAGBRAI warm up ride.  We’ll have 2 scheduled loops.  One morning loop of 20-25 miles, and a second afternoon loop of 20-25 miles.  Beer stop in between.  Probably a cold beer or two afterwards as well.  Bring your sun block!

As always, consider the Velo Garage Ride Thursday Night as well as their 2nd Sunday Ride on Sunday Morning.  Why not sweat out that Saturday Night fun early Sunday morning on a easy ride with some good people?

Details about these and other rides can, as always, be found here

Now..   Objectively, Timber and Bryn did follow the Rule of Thirds with this photo, but…   Well…  It is a nice street, and we do love Velo’s fire hydrant.

7-1-2018 – James Currans Going Off Road



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