Why aren’t you biking?

This past weekend was a long extended weekend.   Did you get any cycling in?   I know that Tara and Robert got some good riding in.  They road in the Pedlar’s Jamboree!  A ride that included a 30 mile trip down the Katy Trail from Columbia to Boonville, an overnight camping excursion, entertainment by HERE COME THE MUMMIES, and  a 30 mile trip back the next day.   I think the only question we have is…   WHY WEREN’T THE REST OF US INVITED TARA?!  Seems kinda selfish to want to keep a weekend ride like that to yourself.  (pics below)

An update on my face!   No surgery will be required.   I met with a second surgeon yesterday to get another opinion.  After meeting with him, then again with my primary care physician, we’ve decide to elect not to have the reconstructive surgery and let the bones heal as they are.  Too many risks involved with the facial surgery for minimal gains.  I’m not that disfigured, and I’ve got good looks to spare.

Don’t forget to checkout our upcoming rides here!  http://breakfastbikebeer.com/rides/

Of note, Scott “Timber!” Timmie is participating in the Dirty Kanza 200 this upcoming weekend.   Good Luck man!   Ride hard. Ride Fast, and Ride Dirty!  We send you our best.

The Next BBBR Ride is Saturday, June 8th, starting at Browne’s Irish Market for an Irish Breakfast.  I’m not cleared to bike outside yet, so I need someone to lead and/or plan a route.  Let me know if you can fill in for me.  I’m still planning to meet you all for Breakfast and Beer afterwards.  I’ll also be available for Sag should anybody need it.   Don’t forget about the Thursday night Velo garage rides either.  They’re always fun.  Check em out!



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  1. It’s not my fault you all didn’t sign up for Ped Jam! Robert had a spare ticket which is how I actually got to go. It was so much fun! We should think about doing the Iowa version coming up in August if we aren’t tired of corn fields at that point.

  2. My wife, son and I went bikepacking this weekend on the Prairie Spirit Tail (https://bikeprairiespirit.com/). I’d upload pics but I do not know how to do that yet. We loaded up on bikes with a tent and sleeping gear, and rode from Princeton, KS to Garnett, KS. Next day we reversed it.
    I’ll plan a longer camping/biking ride in the Fall, and Bad Decisions will be invited.

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