2020 RAGBRAI Kick Off Meeting – Notes

  • Date: 2020-02-12T19:30:00.00-6:00
  • Attendees:  Jared, Derek, Tara, Nancy, Andy, Treadwell, Karin, Scott, Bryn, Lynne, Jeff W.

Key Decisions Made:

  • Charter vs Self Support:   Self Support
    • If driver can not be found, we’ll rotate drivers.
  • Delegation of duties – see below
  • Morning Departure time Goal: 7:00-7:30am

Action Items

  • All:  Register for Ragbrai: Ragbrai Registration Info
  • All:  Fill out Details on Planning Spreadsheet (Pinned in Slack)
    • Rider Details
    • Common Items you could contribute
  • All:  Join Slack if not on already (Ask Attendee for details)
  • All:  Starting thinking about your training.

2019 Retrospective


  • RV had plenty of space for everyone and gear
  • Dedicated Driver was awesome
  • Snacks were good
  • Host Families were mostly great


  • Though the RV had tons of sleeping space, only 3 people used it.
  • Dry Items not claimed from Cloths line
  • Charger area became a tangled mess.
  • Getting pushed out of towns by Highway Patrol
  • Not being in the thick of it.  Campsites away from main group.
  • Missed out on the Concerts


  • Communication could be better.

    • More people could have been in the RV
    • People were not aware of frustration points during the week (same people doing the same chores)
  • Could Schedule chores more
  • Could use Shade Tent more
    • Having the RV may have caused this, as there wasn’t as much need.  Driver could retreat to the sizeable RV when too exposed to the Sun.   When we used the passenger Van it was a requirement to keep those at the campsite safe through out the day.
    • Would appreciate having this setup, or some assured source of shade as riders come in.  They’ll be hot and need to chill/relax

Delegation of Duties

  • Vehicle Logistics – Jared
  • Jerseys – Scott and Bryn
  • Host Family acquisition – Tara
  • Host Family Gifts – Nancy
  • Driver and Campsite Chore Scheduling – Bryn
  • Common Item Acquisition and tracking (Quartermaster) – Derek
  • Theme Days ideas (What will we be wearing and when?) – Nancy and Bryn

Larger Common Items Needed

Having several members of the team not joining is forcing us to hunt a little to find some of the larger common items.  If you have or know someone that would let us borrow these items, please contact Derek

  • Generator
  • Shade Canopies
  • Camping Table
  • Coolers



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