On the bright side, my Jersey has very few wrinkles

Kinda of steamy out there this weekend.

I know some of us got out in it.  Those of you training for Ragbrai, don’t forget that you do need to get some training during the heat.  You need to learn how to take care of yourself so that you can be out in that kind of heat all day long.  Bring extra water bottles.  Poor water over your head occasionally. Be sure to stop and cool off in the shade occasionally, and don’t forget to replenish those electrolytes.  If you don’t have anything yet, consider getting something.   I’ve used several different drink mixes, gels, other things, but  honestly I’ve found that electrolyte replenishing pills work the best for me.  If you’re looking for specific suggestions, I’m more than willing to share what I use, but everybody’s different.  Get out in the heat.  Try different things.  See how you feel and figure out what you need to consume to be able to keep moving forward.

Towards the end of a hot day, you’re probably going to want some sort of energy chew-able or something similar to give you a boost to make those last few miles.   On my second ragbrai, I pulled over with about 10 miles to go on our longest/hilliest day. I thought I was about done for.   Then I remembered that my buddy Brandon had given me a pack a energy chews the day before.  I had just haphazardly threw them into my bag thinking I’d never use them.  I tore into them like a ravenous beast.  Those things saved me that day.   After eating them and then chilling out for about 10 minutes, I was able to make a really strong push, and picked up my pace those final 10 miles.  Then when we got to camp, I still had plenty of energy for setting up camp and felt pretty good the rest of the evening.  Ever since then, I’ve always had at least one packet of those things on me when I ride.

Another note about Ragbrai.  Nuun has sponsored it the last few years, and they’ve typically had a tent out along the route each day. They’ve allowed you to fill your water bottles with their energy drink for free.  Take advantage if you like Nuun, but I recommend you not fill all of your water bottles up.  Always keep one as pure water so that you’ve got something to poor over your head should you need to cool down.  Otherwise you’ll be sticky, and that’s no fun.   Honestly, the key to dealing with heat, is proper consumption.  Keep drinking water, keep replenishing electrolytes, keep consuming calories.  That’s why you need to get out and train, so you can teach yourself to keep consuming in these conditions.  I know that it can be hard to want to eat in the heat or while working out.  You feel sick to your stomach, but you’ve got to.  Finding the things that you can tolerate to eat while working out is key, and there are tons of alternatives out there.

Upcoming Rides

4th of July Ride

Nothing official here, but it looks like we’re going to try to get a good group together to ride on the 4th.  We’d like to get 50+ miles in.  Stay tuned to the Slack Channel for more info.

NO BBBR this month.

The second weekend of the month is our typical BBBR weekend, but that’s going to be a busy weekend this month.   Scott and Bryn are getting married and it’s the weekend of the Lunar Kanza ride.   We’ll be doing that.

Lunar Kanza – Saturday July 13th.

An evening under the moon, riding through the flint hills of Kansas.  It’s pretty cool.   Let us know if you’re planning to join.  We intend to drive there Saturday during the day, do the ride.   Camp out over night, and then come back Sunday.  Registration details can be found in the link above.

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