FriYay Ride: Midtown to Mission Farms

Loose Park

Jeff and I took a jaunt out to Mission Farms on Friday morning. After a quick stop at Loose Park to play tag, we continued on to Kansas.

We’d originally planned on taking Lee Blvd. to Leawood Park, but fortuitously stumbled upon a very well-marked, shaded bike route that led us to the same destination. It was a lovely ride without a ton of traffic (yay safety).

I let Jeff ride in front of me for the purpose of this photo, but he really struggled to keep up with me for most of the ride.

After a quick stop in Leawood Park, we rode over to Mission Farms and took a break in the AC while we ogled new, fancy bikes at Elite. As we were leaving, Jeff remarked that he’d never been to Martin City so we took the opportunity to stop for a beer (or two) and some pizza.

Sorry for the lack of Strava…I always forget about it until 2/3 into a ride.

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