Lone Star Lovin!

A lot of good cycling happened this past week.   Thursday Night there was the Velo Garage Ride.  Friday Night,  KC Critical Mass, and then Sunday, Timber, Derek Nelson, and I road in the Lone Star Century.  The wind was pretty brutal, though not as bad as last years according to Timber, but still rough enough that several choice words and foul sentiments were unleashed upon the State of Kansas.  We also met a new rider, Jeff who joined in with our line around mile 65 and finished the ride with us.  100 Miles ridden in a day!  Into the wind for a lot of it, but it’s done!  Derek, sadly, started cramping around mile 50, and smartly so, made the choice to turn off and take the 68 mile route.  Around mile 80, I was mentally congratulating him for a game well played.  He got back in time for Beer and Food.  They were all out, by the time we got there.

As I said to a few, We didn’t get First, but we also didn’t get Last.

2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

From Last.

To qualify that though, a lot of people who registered for the full 100 called it and didn’t make the turn.  The wind was that brutal.  Only 1 other rider made the turn onto the 100 mile route after Scott and I did, and there were several behind us at the SAG stop right at the turn.

Be sure to Check Out all the upcoming Rides and Join team Bad Decisions for some fun.

April 29th 2018: Timber, Jared, and Jeff Coe complete the Lone Star Century.

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