The Site is Live

Welcome to the all new Breakfast Bike Beer Website.  Home of Team Bad Decisions.   I’ve decided to create a permanent online home for us to keep track of what rides we’re planning on riding, and other details that are pertinent to the group.   I hope you enjoy it and make use of it in the future.


Rides:  This page contains a calendar with all of the upcoming ride events that we are planning on.  If you know of an event and want to add to the list, send me an email with the details.

Ragbrai:  This page contains details as we start planning out our yearly trip to IOWA for ragbrai.  This section is still a work in progress, but expect more details soon.

Breakfast Bike Beer Ride:  A page with details about our monthly organized rides.  Most of this is duplicate details that’ll also be available in the Rides page.

Planned Future Features

Image Gallery:  I want us to be able to upload and keep Images and videos taken during our ride.   A good way to look back at what we’ve done as a group.

Rider Tracking:  I’d love to be able to create profiles for each of our team members and be able to track the total mileage everybody’s ridden as part of the group.

Resources:  Provide good links and details to resources in and round Kansas City that are cycling related.  Looking for a good Local Bike Mechanic?  This will be a good place for you..

Team Profiles:  Create profile pages for each of our team members.  Tell the world about you!

Come back often and see what’s new!