Well That’s Just Dirty!…

A lot of good riding happened this weekend.  Here’s a quick little update on all that went down.


Thirsty Thursdays happened.  We had a good ride from Velo up to the KC scout and back.  Had fun when we got back hanging out in Velo’s new back beer garden.  They had tasty Pizza cooks back there too.  A really nice night in gorgeous weather.


Tara and Nancy got out during the afternoon and got a good 30+ mile ride in.  They wanted to ride North to Dearborn, but were stopped by flooding.  Instead they road 108th street in the Northland, which they claim has decent hills.   Subject to debate.

Friday was also Critical Mass.  Jeff W, Lynne, Neal, and I all took part.  Many drinks were had and some had a rough start Saturday Morning, but it was another good CM, in what couldn’t have been a nicer Friday evening.


This is where we get to the guts of the weekend.   Neal, Jeff W., Lynne, Tara, Robert, James, and I, along with other friends from Velo, road in the 4th Annual Taco Ride.  We went a little (or a lot) off coarse and ended up enjoying 4 Taco places in KCK, all within about 4 miles.  We were a little stuffed.  Then we hit up the new Alma Mader Brewing company for some tasty bevs, before pedaling back to Velo Garage.

And for the really impressive news, we had a couple of people participate in the Dirty Kanza ride this last Saturday.  First, Derek R. though he signed up for the DK 25 fun ride, opted to ride the DK 50 route.  Nicely done.  He’d have placed pretty well too, had he been registered for the DK 50, but sadly, because of his diversion, he got 3rd to Last in the DK 25 🙁 .   Great pics can be found here if you’re on facebook.

And more impressive than even that,  Scott “Timber” Timme finally achieved his goal and completed the DK 200.  200 miles of riding in about 20 hours.  It was a little hot out too, so really really impressive.   Scott, Congratulations from us all!  We are sure that you couldn’t have done it without us and our constant nagging about you not finishing last year 🙂  Bryn’s photos and accounting (if you’re on facebook) can be found here.

Hopefully one or both will write up a blog post describing the ride.

Upcoming Rides.

Thirsty Thursdays

Not only will we be riding in this Thursday’s ride out of Velo Garage as usual, but we’ll also be having a RAGBRAI meeting after the ride to touch base and make sure we’re on track for July.  If you’re riding Ragbrai, please make an attempt to join us.

BBBR June 8th

We’re going to ride from City Market Coffee this upcoming weekend.  Come on out and join us for 1 or 2 loops.  Whatever works best for you.  Details in the link above.

Ride 2 Boulivardia – June 15th

Always a fun ride.  Lynne is on the board, so come on out and help support Cancer Research and Children’s Mercy.  30+ miles of riding and then free entry to Boulivardia afterwards if you registered for the ride.  Hope to see you there.

I’ve only got a couple pics from the Taco Ride, but plenty of good pics on the facebook links above.  Go Check em out!

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