Muddin in March

This past weekend, Derek R, Robert, and I met up for our monthly BBBR ride.  Since all three of us had our gravel bikes, we ended up seeing if we could use them and get a little dirty.   We ended up riding down to Minor Park via the Indian Creek trail, and found that yes..   that one section that isn’t paved yet, was quite sloppy.    On our way back, we came up through to  the newly re-opened part of the trolley trail meets up with 85th St. near Prospect and started to take the trolley trail back north.  When we got to the part of the trolley trail that’s gravel, it too was quite soppy and loose.  We tried to ride through it for a couple hundred yards, but we were forced to abandon the trail and get back to the streets before our hearts ripped themselves from our chests.  I actually had to bail and walk the bike through part of it.   My cardio is lacking.    Still we had a fun ride, and ended it, per usual, at Bier Station with some fine beverages.

Here’s our route:

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned

Sadly, no pics were taken, though I should have taken a pick of how muddy my brand new bike was.  It got the hose when I got home.

Upcoming Rides

April’s BBBR will be Saturday April 13th.   We’ll start off downtown and go for a good 20 miles our so.  Time to start building up that mileage.   Let me know if you’re planning on joining by using the RSVP button on the event page.

Tour De Bier is Sunday may 19th.   Be sure to register soon!  It’s always a good time, even when injuries are involved.

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