2019 Ragbrai Information Meeting Notes – 2019-02-13

Location: Velo Garage and Tap House:

Attendance: Jared, Tara, Robert, James Currans, Derek R, Scott, Byrn, Steve Rodgers, Neal Fox, Nancy Fisch, Bob and Anne Waldorf and son.

  • Informational Presentation can be found Here!
  • Current List of Full Week Riders for Ragbrai
    1. Jared
    2. Tara
    3. Robert
    4. Lynne
    5. Jeff W.
    6. Michael Lesko
    7. Derek R.
    8. Steve Rodgers
    9. Nancy Fisch
    10. Neal Fox
    11. Bob Waldorf
    12. Anne Waldorf
    13. Elder Waldorf Sons
    14. Younger Waldorf Son  (Sorry..  I forgot names that were given)
    15. Amanda (Driver)
  • Partial Week Riders
    1. Scott T.
    2. Bryn
    3. Megan Boos ?
    4. Jeff Boos?
    5. Craig Miller?
  • With Current List:  15 Passenger van and trailer may not be enough, definitely if more people want to join the team.   If we go with 2 vehicles, there will be a required rotation of drivers
    • People I think are currently willing to drive a rotation
      • Jared
      • Robert
      • Bob
    • If you are willing to drive a rotation, let Jared know.
  • Gear that can be provided by the the group.
    • Steve Rodgers
      • Generator
      • 12×12 Awning
    • Bob Waldorf
      • 32ft, Toy Hauler and truck to pull it, if needed.
  • Host Families
    • Lynne and Jeff are chairing
    • Winterset Host is Confirmed!  6 blocks from Town square
  • Driver Amanda
    • Tara spoke with her last night. No current experience driving a trailer.  Will need to practice before Ragbrai starts.
  • Finding Campsites
    • Jared will have all campsites per-arranged prior to RAGBRAI beginning.  Maps of the overnight host towns and how to ride to where we are camping will be given out each morning of the ride.
  • Paying for Group Stuff During Ragbrai
    • An idea was floated about pulling money and getting a pre-paid debit card before RAGBAI begins.   This card could be used by the driver for
      • Gas
      • Beer
      • Ice
      • Snacks and incidentals
    • Idea was generally likes.   This will probably be our go forward strategy.  Money will be collected probably in the month leading up to Ragbrai for this.


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